Want to help cycling in the Lowcountry?  Here's your big chance!  It takes a small army to pull off a great event like Ride the Lowcountry, the premier spring century of the Southeast. Volunteering on an event like this is fun, and you will enjoy the sense of community working with others who value what we do.

Below is a list of the volunteer tasks and schedules. With some of the shifts taking place on days prior to the ride even registered riders can volunteer and still ride. Along with the sense of accomplishment and fun, you'll also get food and drink and a high quality long sleeve t-shirt
which will be your "uniform" for your volunteer shift as well as your free "ticket" to the lunch buffet. Those signing up after Feb.26th can choose from our vintage stock of volunteer t-shirts - in limited sizes


We value your time so we will no longer hold an in-person volunteer orientation. 
Want to know where to show up? What to expect? Your Task Leader will answer your questions at the beginning of April via a group introductory email or during an online virtual meeting; which orientation method each Task Leader chooses will depend on the complexity of the task. 

If you have any questions, send an email to volunteer@coastalcyclists.com.                                                                                                            


Volunteer signup is closed- thank you. Please mark your calendar to sign up with us next year!
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