Ride the Lowcountry is a Saturday event, but you are welcome to join Coastal Cyclists for regular club rides on Sunday, as well.
 See below for details.  Gravel ride starts at 9:00AM.  
Saturday Routes
All Saturday routes start at the Awendaw Municipal Park (7900 Doar Rd, Awendaw, SC 29429). Follow signs to enter the park.
Cue sheets will not be provided. But, our route marking is excellent! And, you can download the routes to your GPS device. A cue sheet can be downloaded to print from the Ride with GPS website for each route.

Century Route (100 miles) White route arrows
Start Time: 8:00 AM

Metric Century Route (65 miles) Orange route arrows
Start Time: 8:15 AM

43 Mile Route Blue route arrows
Start Time: 8:30 AM

33 Mile Route Yellow route arrows
Start Time: 8:45 AM

Rest Stops Green route arrows
They will be announced with signs 1 mile ahead. If you’re riding in a group,
please agree on whether your group is stopping well ahead of the RS to
avoid sudden stops and conversations looking backward at your friends. If
you’re stopping, gradually move toward that side of the road and signal to
those behind you who may be choosing not to stop.

When starting out again, be aware of riders who are passing and not

Obstructions Pink route “X’s”
We’ll do our best to mark obstructions such as holes, ruts and bumps with
pink X’s well before the obstruction and again just before, so there’s time
for everyone (not just the lead rider!) to gradually move away and avoid
hitting them.
When you see a pink X, be sure to point to it so those behind you will be aware that an obstruction is coming.
But, always be aware of obstructions that may not be marked.

Lunch Schedule
Be aware that lunch will be served from 11:30 AM to 3:30 PM. But food will be available until 4:30 for late finishers.
Those riding the shorter routes may arrive before lunch is ready. That’s extra time
for selfies and text messages to friends and family!

Sunday Routes
The Sunday routes are just ordinary club rides without any SAG or stocked rest stops, but with some extraordinary views. The downtown/islands tours will have bathroom, water and photo op stops. Check out the Sunday Tour page to get a detailed itinerary and a bit of info on what you'll see on the tour.

Gravel Ride
Start location:
Witherbee Ranger Station
Cordesville, SC 29434 (map)
Start time: 9:00 AM

A-Pace Gravel 19-20 mph
42 miles w/ Leo Hollister

B-Pace Gravel 17-18 mph
31 miles w/ Alexis Hatch

C-Pace Gravel 14-16 mph
31 miles w/ Charles Cannon

D-Pace Gravel 11-13 mph
25 miles w/ Mary Ann & Ben Gruber

Historic Downtown Charleston/Islands Road
Sunday April 14th,  8.30am (44 mile route), 9am (27 mile route)
THE RIDE WILL BE CANCELLED SATURDAY NIGHT IF RAIN IS FORECAST FOR SUNDAY, OR ON SUNDAY BY 7AM IF UNEXPECTED RAIN ARRIVES – Before you head to the ride, check to know if the ride is cancelled because of weather. An email will be sent, but spam filters and servers can delay delivery.

Where is the start and where do I park? 
Mount Pleasant Town Center is a shopping area just off Hwy 17 with lots of parking.  It's quite large, so to get to the right place for the start, put Barnes & Noble into Google Maps or this street address: 1700 Towne Centre Way, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464 to take you to the exact spot to park.

What are the routes?
44 mile route:
44 mile route - corrected:
        (a road closure at the point of the peninsula makes us turn right a block earlier)
27 mile route:
If you have a bike computer, please download the routes in case you get separated from the ride leader. You’re also welcome to ride these routes on your own at any time. You can also download the cue sheet from

What are the paces?
On the 40 mile route we will have “B+” (maximum flat road speed 20 mph, most times less than that) and “B” options (18mph max flat speed). On the 20 mile route we will have a C pace option (max flat cap 15-16 mph). Note that your average speed will be far lower than the maximum due to the incline on the bridge, numerous stop signs and traffic lights, etc. And we expect you'll want to take photos on the Ravenel Bridge, the Battery,  Patriots Point and the Isle of Palms Connector, so we'll be stopping to make that possible.  Please obey ALL stop signs and stop lights!

Will there be ride leaders?
Yes. The intention is to divide into groups of around 20, with faster groups first, each with an experienced Coastal Cyclists ride leader. We will leave a gap of a few minutes between each group leaving.

Will there be SAG support?
No. Ride leaders will assist in changing flats and with minor issues, but anything more serious will require Uber or Lyft to a local bike shop or urgent care.  Bring water and snacks that you'll want for the entire ride.

Will there be food after the ride?
No. We do encourage you to come have brunch with us after the ride at our Official Clubhouse – the Rappahannock Oyster Bar downtown on East Bay St near the Ravenel Bridge on ramp. You should make a reservation ahead of time on Open Table to ensure you grab a table. The Bar opens at 11am. Club members get 15% off their entire check.  There are also food options at Mount Pleasant Town Center where you will finish the ride.
Contado Taco

Will the ride go ahead rain or shine?
Before you head to the ride, check to know if the ride is cancelled because of weather.  If rain is forecast or unexpected rains starts in the morning, the ride may be cancelled.  An email will be sent, but spam filters and servers can delay delivery.

Am I covered by insurance?
If you are a Coastal Cyclists Club member you have supplemental medical insurance on any sanctioned, non-fee club ride.  The Sunday ride is a regular, non-fee club ride. If you are not a member, then your own personal insurance is your only coverage. Joining is easy and costs only $35.

Who should I contact if I have questions?
Darren Marshall 917-299-5809

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